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E-Caligo Electronic Cigarette!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where can I smoke my Caligo?
Anywhere you want! But, because the smoke looks real dont be surprised if somebody will ask you what you are doing.. The Caligo cigarette is not subject to secondhand smoke laws or smoking prohibitions. The smoke does not burn tobacco which produces toxic smoke so it poses no risk to anyone around you.
2. How does my Caligo work?
3. What are the health issues?
4. Who should NOT use the Caligo electronic cigarette?
5. Can i quit smoking with the help of Caligo?
6. What does the Caligo taste like?
7. How long does one cartomiser last?
8. How does my Caligo work?
9. How does my Caligo work?
10. How does my Caligo work?